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Compare Files Folders and Text is an Online tool which shows differences in two pieces of Texts , Files and Folders . It supports Text Comparison in all scripts i.e. Hindi , Arabic , English , Cyrillic , Roman etc .Text could be anything ranging from small strings like sms , e-mails , documents , sentences , essays to any big files like server logs

Type or Paste First Text String in left box , second Text String in right and click Show Difference to see line by line comparison of both Text Data Entered .

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Line by ine Data Comparison

Sometimes its really frustrating when we have 2 very similar messages and we want to know the differences between two .I agree in case of a small phrase its relatively easy to find the differences by just looking via naked eye, however if we have few 100 lines of such messages , 1000 lines of codes , 10,000 lines of data it pretty much frustrating to find the difference !!

We provide this utility here to compare text data of any type in any language and see line by line results which tell us :
  1. common lines between 2 Strings/Messages/Text Data entered
  2. lines which match without any color code
  3. lines which are not matching and are deleted from first text entered in red color code
  4. lined which are added in the second text entered in green colour code
Cases where Text Difference might be useful :
  1. I am a writer who just wrote 50 pages of my book and then realized I need to add something more 30 pages ago , I took backup of current file, added more data in new file . Next morning i woke up and couldn't find if i added something . where is it what s the difference ? Is there any difference at all ?
  2. I am a support engineer who have 100000 lines of logs from various servers and I need to find out the differences between the logs from the two different environments . Can i compare the text easy ?
  3. I am a blogger and i found similar blog posts to mine .Did someone copied it - Is there a difference between two blog posts ?
  4. I am a Software developer wrote a new version of code , newer version isn't that great , earlier one was awesome - Whats the difference ?
  5. Copy cat where 2 students copied the code while submitting the assignment , This tool wont spare such copy cats :)
  6. Similar documents of 2 versions 1 containing extra spaces and lines - can i find those extra lines and spaces ?
  7. Notes made by students on various lectures essays

Even small differences like spaces , commas , new lines , comments are captured and that too in seconds and Online and totally free .
We show line by line comparison of the strings entered in the boxes above . Give it a try and if you think its good enough just share it , like it , gmail it , linkedin it google plus it and it you have any suggestions click here and we assure we will take care of your suggestion